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O'Ryan Barron
"Life without music would be a mistake." - Nietzsche            

Being the life of the party always came naturally to me. Much more than a DJ or Emcee, but someone who can organize an event, engage the crowd, keep the energy high and get the most out of the night. I take fun seriously and have a good time doing it. It shows in my work.

I've been creating great set lists and playlist for parties and events ever since I could press record on my boombox. I have an old soul for music and a great mind for the current hits. It's all about a tasteful, fun blend of it all. I also love dancing so I play music that not only sounds good but "feels good". 

I feel so fortunate to be in the business of providing a fun atmosphere when people want to celebrate a special occasion. I'd love to bring the "Life of the Party" to your next event!

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